Wake Up! #004

Wake Up! #004

Lerosa takes his unique approach on house even further. Private View is exactly what its title promises: an exclusive visite into a enigmatic and fascinating world of groove and sound. It’s full of puzzling places and mysterious events. Delicate arrangements and artful sound combinations amount to a unique record without turning to caprice or flourish. Simplicity that makes sense.


Wake Up! Podcast #23 – Perm

As a resident at the Institut fuer Zukunft in Leipzig Perm obviously found the perfect place to deepen his distinguished sound. It seems he made it his mission to show how far away from droned out repetition and redundance Techno can be. In this particular case it merely is a guideline for a dynamic tour de force. From a laid back atmosphere with dubbed out sounds he aims towards an euphoric finale. That’s the way to go!

Wake Up! Podcast #22 – Idit Frenkel

Idit’s set is delightful in the truest sense of word. It’s an open hand and a smile. It graps you like a good friend who doesn’t lead the way. It makes you want to move without a rush. It’s shedding a light on a good and warm feeling. Idit is kind enough to present some off her most favourite artists straight from her scene in Tel Aviv.

Wake Up! Podcast #21 – Mark Rhein

The rabbit-hole went straight on like a tunnel for some way, and then dipped suddenly down, so suddenly that Alice had not a moment to think about stopping herself before she found herself falling down a very deep well. Either the well was very deep, or she fell very slowly, for she had plenty of time as she went down to look about her and to wonder what was going to happen next.
- Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll

Wake Up! Podcast #20 – Marcellis

Have you ever received an unexpected present? Something really unexpected? Something like… Like a friend leaving a good book with a short note between stuff you rarely look at. Or have you ever stumbled upon an unknown but wonderful record while cleaning up the pile of those next to your stereo? Such presents take you by surprise in the best manner possible. They’re like a suddenly appearing escape hatch out of whatever it is you’re doing.
Well, this is what Marcellis’ kind of set means to us and we really need to share it with you. So, here’s your hatch. But be aware: It’s seductive to stay on the other side.

4 Jahre Wake Up! 11.10.2014

Wake Up Flyer October

Zum vierten Geburtstag der Wake Up! Partys gibt es Familienbesuch aus Berlin und Hamburg. Die Verwandtschaft hat sich in den letzten Jahren nicht nur vergrößert, sondern auch in die Ferne erweitert. So bringen uns Moritz Dittmer und Joel Helfrich zur Eröffnung des Abends ein wenig Großstadtluft und den Groove einer Berliner Nacht mit.

Benjamin Brunn hat nicht erst mit dem Mitschnitt seines Livesets aus dem Golden Pudel für Aufmerksamkeit gesorgt. Auch seine sonstigen Produktionen auf Labels wie Workshop, Third Ear und Smallville zeugen von seiner musikalischen Eigenständigkeit und Authentizität. Zum ersten Mal seit seinem Release auf Wake Up! Records feiert er mit uns in Lüneburg. Ein passenderes Geburtstagsgeschenk an Euch und uns kann es gar nicht geben.

Wake Up! Podcast #19 – Adam Lundberg

There’s a particular moment which is hard to name. You might find it during a long walk with a friend: You tag along from moment to moment, comfortably falling silent. Your mind wanders off and is still circling the hunch of an unspeakable feeling. It’s not a certain element of anything you saw, said or thought. It’s just something that remains – a slow dance on the inside. Take a walk with Adam Lundberg and find out what he has got to offer. Together with Oscar Villata he runs Geography Records and shares even more of what can’t be named.

Wake Up! Podcast #18 – Richard Zepezauer

When it comes to DJing one of the biggest misunderstandings is that it’s all about technique in the sense of technical perfection. It’s frequently confused with beatmatching while in fact it should be appreciated as a téchne of expression and exploration. Thus it doesn’t require four-to-the-floor rhythms or nervous suspens to create an undivided sonic space. Each gap magnifies the whole. Richard Zepezauer, founder of nsyde music, is coming along with a lovely jazz set. As much as he’s familiar with techno and house he knows their roots. There’s joy, loneliness, excitement and all in all there’s depth. Get lost and enjoy.

Wake Up! 19.04.2014

Wake Up Flyer April

Oft scheint es, dass wir ohne die Finsternis der Nacht nicht das Licht des Tages erkennen können. Resom spielt in ihren Sets mit solchen Gegensätzen. Es treffen treibende Trommeln auf fliehende flüchtige Flächen und es ringen dunkle Bässe mit hellen Becken. Doch dem vorschnellen mathematischem Verständnis wird ein Schnippchen geschlagen: In der Mitte der Gegenpole entsteht keine Nullstelle. Viel mehr heben sie sich dort in dem Sinne auf, dass sie sich gegenseitig tragen und erst ermöglichen. Dann kann man alle Kategorien getrost vergessen. Jenseits von Hell und Dunkel befindet sich ein Ort ekstatischen Tanzens.