Wake Up! Podcast #25 – Princess P.

I met Muriel de Bros a.k.a. Princess P. when I played in Bern last year. Her DJ set, the room and the entire atmosphere at Dampfzentrale reminded me a lot on the club I first ever experienced House and Techno 20 years ago. Thus, Muriel’s set gave me fascinating moments of flashbacks.
Along with her joyful and sparkling personality, this wonderful experience gave me the reason to invite her for a Wake Up! podcast. How diverse Princess P. can be, shows the mix she submitted:
This fine selection of melodic and eclectic tracks makes a truly beautiful trip. Muriel explains her choice of music for this mix with the chance to play tracks other than such made for the dance floor.

Benjamin Brunn / Japan Tour 2015

Japan Tour

Benjamin Brunn is going to play three shows in Japan this weekend:

Friday, Nov 20 at Sound Bar in Chiba
Saturday, Nov 21 at Forestlimit in Tokyo
Saturday, Nov 22 at Octbass in Iberaki


Wake Up! Podcast #25 – Garçon

For the next Wake Up! podcast we are proud to present Switzerland’s Garcon with an 60+ minute set of dubby, grooving house and expansive soundscapes. The man who co-runs the “Home” radio show along with Timnah Sommerfeldt has also held residencies at Basel’s Hinterhof and Lady Bar, where he has developed a personal style focusing on stripped back grooves and beautiful, airy textures. His sound fits perfectly with our aesthetic of deep,searching dance floor explorations.

Wake Up! #005

Wake Up! #005

East to West is about horizons. Facing the sea, east or west, at dusk or dawn, it never appears the same. We talk about well known territory, the world of Move D and Benjamin Brunn. Following a number of collaborations, now for the first time the two present individual works on one record, back to back.